Dave's Photography Studio

All Over The Map Travel Ventures


Traveling, or more accurately, exploring has always been a passion for my wife and myself. However, I have to admit, I drive my wife, and anyone else that explores with me, crazy with my devotion to capturing every different scene on film. OK, not film anymore, but digital just sounds so cold, and photography is anything but cold.

Unlike many photographers that take a zillion motor-drive photos hoping to get a good one, I approach each shot more like a painter going for that perfect composition. This is time-consuming and requires dragging along a tripod, a bunch of lenses, and lots of patience, mainly on my fellow explorers. And no, I do not own a motor-drive.

My favorite medium is canvas. Much of my photography is aimed at printing on canvass, so please keep this in mind if you order a print. For those interested in the nerdy details, I use a Nikon D800, mainly because it utilizes a full-frame CMOS sensor with a huge pixel count. I use DXO Pro as my initial computer photo processor as it has a terrific sharpen tool and noise reduction tool. For local touchups, you still can't beat good old photoshop.

Thanks for viewing my gallery and I would appreciate any feedback. I look forward to many more travels and many more "keeper" photos.